Columbia Institute of Pharmacy

Animal House

The institution has the animal house approved by CPCSEA, New Delhi. The Institution has received breeding license. Columbia Institute of Pharmacy has conventional double storey animal house facility registered by CPCSEA (IAEC), Government of India.
It is envisaged to provide pre clinical testing in conformity with national and international regulatory guidelines. The animal house will facilitate the availability of healthy and homogeneous animals for routine teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate studies as well as for research / outsourced testing.

CPCSEA Registration No. 1321/PO/ReBi/S/10/CPCSEA

Hostel Boys & Girls

Accommodation :
Hostel facilities are provided for students. There are two hostels for boys and one for the Girls (Degree, PG & Phd. students). Each hostel is self contained with amenities such as reading room, hygienic kitchen, and dining hall. The Chief Warden of hostels is the in charge of hostel premises.

Hostel accommodation will be provided for all the students and residence in the hostels is obligatory. The students, who opt to stay with their parents/guardians in the city, may be allowed to do so with the permission of the principal.

Admission in The Hostel :
Application for Hostel accommodation should be made in prescribed format. A student seeking hostel accommodation should give undertaking in the prescribed format that he/she should be abide by the Hostel rules and regulations. The Parents/ guardian should vouch for the same. All matters pertaining to the Hostel admission would be dealt by the Principal/ Hostel lncharge.

General Hostel Rules :
  • Hostel warden shall act as guardian within the hostel premises and students will be under his/her direct supervision and control. It is mandatory to follow the instructions of Warden & the Director/ Principal regarding the discipline otherwise it may lead to the termination from Hostel.
  • Student should return to the hostel positively by 8 p.m. when attendance will be taken by the hostel warden.Students shall retire to bed by 11 p.m.
  • No permission will be given for staying out in the night on week days. Only in exceptional cases permission may be granted by the Principal/Director after due recommendation of hostel warden in writing.
  • It will be joint responsibility of the rooms mates to upkeep furniture and other inventory intact. Students will maintain cleanliness of rooms, bath rooms and surroundings. They must keep their rooms in orderly manner. Room inspection will be done by warden everyday.
  • Ragging in any form in the Hostel/institute is illegal & banned as per act of India.
  • Non vegetarian food and alcoholic drinks/tobacco will not be consumed or kept in the hostel. Smoking or consuming tobacco is strictly prohibited in hostel premises.
  • Any student violating rules/norms may be ordered to leave hostel immediately. A student expelled on disciplinary act shall forfeit his/ her fee deposited at the time of admission.
  • Any kind of electric gadget is prohibited without prior permission of the Management.
  • Management reserves rights to reject any applicant's application for Hostel.