List of Faculty

Department of Pharmacognosy
Name Designation Area of Interest Experience Photo Profile
Prof. (Dr.) Ravindra Kumar Pandey Principal, Professor & Head of Department Standardization, Nanotechnology, Validation, Herbals, Bioactives, Conjugation 19 Years View Profile
Dr. S. Prakash Rao Associate Professor Drug discovery and lead generation from natural sources, Development of formulation methods 17 Years View Profile
Ms. Sandhya Mishra Assistant Professor Novel drug delivery system 7 Years View Profile
Mr. Rahul Kumar Goswami Assistant Professor Molecular Design and Synthesis 04 Years View Profile
Department of Pharmaceutics
Dr. Shashikant Chandrakar Associate Professor (Head of Department) Novel Drug Delivery System 14.6 Years View Profile
Dr. Rajni Kant Panik Associate Professor Bioactive loaded Novel Drug Delivery System for Bio-medical application 13 Years View Profile
Ms. Disha Kesharwani Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics, Nanoformulation 10.4 Years View Profile
Ms. Monika Bhairam Assistant Professor Nano medicine, Solubility enhancement and herbal formulations 12 Years View Profile
Ms. Neha Dubey Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics, Nanotechnology, Herbal technology 10 Years View Profile
Department of Pharmacology
Dr. Trilochan Satapathy Professor (Head of Department) Pharmacological Screening and New drug discovery 23 Years View Profile
Ms. Poonam Sahu Assistant Professor Pharmacology 5 Years View Profile
Ms. Ruchi Bhattacharya Assistant Professor Pharmacology 3.5 Years View Profile
Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance
Prof. (Dr.) Shiv Shankar Shukla Professor (Head of Department) Standardization, Nanotechnology, Validation, Herbals, Bioactives, Conjugation, Fingerprinting 17 Years View Profile
Dr. Beena Gidwani Associate Professor Cyclodextrin complexation, Nanotechnology, Validation, Herbals 15 Years View Profile
Mr. Gunjan Kalyani Assistant Professor Ethnomedicine, Medical Anthropology, Pharmaceutical Analysis 6.7 Years View Profile
Mr. Sagar Sahu Assistant Professor Method Development, Synthesis and Formulations 5 Years View Profile